More time for Care with Bosted System

Team Online’s Bosted System is a cloud-based digital information management system. The system was designed in collaboration with provider agencies to specifically meet the needs of human service agencies. First launched in 1999 – The current re-iteration of the Bosted System (R) has come about through 14 years of continuos development and hands-on experience in the Human Services Sector with more than +30,000 users on our systems daily.

Bosted System
Bosted System
Bosted System
Bosted System
Bosted System
Bosted System
Bosted System
Bosted System

Core Values


It makes it easy for both managers and direct support providers to find the information they need and can be designed with a customized home page, customized documentation and flexibility to organize information from access rights that are determined by your agency. The Bosted System can be used as a workflow management tool to help your staff execute on priorities. No more forgotten appointments or missed medications!


Bosted is a cloud-based, information management SaaS system allowing subscribers to use the system from anywhere they have access to the Internet. No software or hardware installation is necessary. View data securely from your home, at work, or across the country. Being cloud-based allows family members and others the ability to follow an Individual’s progress through the use of limited access rights. No need for multiple paper copies, archiving and storing paper files!


The Bosted System uses a secure Internet connection; protecting your data. Accessing the Bosted System requires a personal user name and a confidential password. Team Online takes data privacy very seriously to make sure your agency’s sensitive information is safe and secure. Data is stored on a secure server and allows you to access your information at any time. Never be concerned about losing your data due to fires, natural disasters, lost files, equipment failure or damage again!


The Bosted System was designed around the Individual receiving supports; they are the focal point. The system tracks performance-based indicators to assure person-specific outcomes are being achieved. Through the effective use of digitalized information technology for recording, tracking, monitoring, reporting and analyzing, Bosted provides valuable information to help your team make decisions. Using Bosted, you will easily evaluate needed supports and determine if resources are being used to achieve quality outcomes. The use of Bosted improves the quality of life, independence, health and opportunities!

A Customized System

Bosted is modular, meaning that you only use the portions of the system that meets your specific needs. As your needs grow, you have access to a wide range of modules, at no additional cost. Each module has been developed to support the documentation and service delivery needs of human service agencies. Bosted’s core modules provide an agency with the tools to digitally manage their data. Bosted is customized to meet the needs of your agency and will include a combination of the following modules.

The Global Team Behind the Software

We have more than 14 years of experience in the Human Services Sector and +30,000 users on our systems daily. Team Online’s Systems – Bosted System and inCorp Portal were build in close collaboration with the provider agencies and their funding sources to create a symbiotic relationship that heightens quality of care while streamlining the flow of information. All to provide more time for care, better quality of care and greater transparency. Envisioned and architected in Denmark, a country well known for it’s high quality social programs and initiatives in the human services sector our Denmark based headquarter is strategically located in “Social Valley” for the best access to talent, innovation and knowledge sharing. Our US presence is amplified by presence in 3 main growth centers (Northeast, Southeast and Southwest) regions of the country.

CEO, Team Online Global A/S

Michael Sandal

CEO, Team Online Global A/S
CFO, Team Online Global A/S

Lars Damsholdt Balle

President North America, Team Online, Inc.

Are you a large service provider or a public agency?

inCorp is a cloud-based portal that provides oversight of multiple, Bosted systems. It provides government agencies a process for eligibility determination and a tool for monitoring the quality and effectiveness of service delivery. inCorp can also provide large or multi-state agencies the ability to manage multiple installations within their organization. It is an easy-to-use, secure, and effective information management system. The inCorp portal is a cloud-based, information management system used by providing oversight for human services.

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